Sunday, September 14, 2008

How do you get rid of a cursed Voodoo doll?

If you feel that you are in possession of a negative Voodoo doll, there are two basic ways to properly dispose of it. The first way is to put it in a white cloth and sprinkle it generously with sea salt. You can then take it to a river or stream or deep in the woods with an offering of fruit and some coins and ask the spirits of the water or the trees to transform the negative energy through the power of the earth. Walk away without looking back and when you arrive home, light a 7-day protection candle and take a bath with cleansing herbs, including sea salt.

Here's a purification bath you can take after getting rid of a negative Voodoo doll:

White Bath  for Purification

This is good for when you feel spiritually dirty, feel the need to cleanse your aura, need spiritual revitalization, or for cold and flu symptoms.

First, light a white or blue candle and burn either coconut or blessings incense. Add the following to your bath water:

2 to 4 cups of evaporated milk or powdered milk
2 to 4 tablespoons of anise

Wash with sea salt.

Another way to dispose of a cursed Voodoo doll is to place the doll in a clean white cloth on a Saturday. Dig a hole in the earth on sacred ground if possible, far away from your home. Place the cloth wrapped doll in the hole and burn it. Then, cover the ashes which remain with Holy Water and cover the hole over with the dirt. The earth will recycle that negative energy very quickly and turn it into positivity and blessings. When you return home, bathe very well, adding some Holy Water or May Water to your bath.

If you do not have access to the items necessary to safely dispose of your cursed Voodoo doll, you may order a Cursed Voodoo Doll Disposal Kit from Planet Voodoo, or take advantage of our Cursed Voodoo Doll Disposal Service.