Saturday, December 8, 2012

Voodoo Mama's Favorite Things for the Conjurer on a Shoestring Budget

Here is a question I got from someone that I thought would be a good one to post:

Voodoo Mama, what do you recommend getting for someone who is into spiritual things and hoodoo but i don't have a lot of money to spend? i want something unique and useful. Do you have any ideas?

What a fabulous question! And for a change, one that isn't asking how to get that cheatin' man back (just kick 'em to the curb and save yourself a lot of heartache).

Okay, so I compiled a list of  7  things that I recommend for celebrating Yuletide season on a shoestring budget - all for around $10.00 or less. Here goes...

Voodoo Mama's Favorite Things

1.Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Consisting of a Comprehensive Description of Nearly All Herbs with Their Medicinal Properties and Directions from Compounding the Medicines Extracted From Them
This book is a must have for anyone in the conjure arts, whether just starting out or a seasoned professional just looking to expand their reference book collection.  Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) studied medicine formally and then after a personal tragedy began servicing the poor and teaching folks how to use local botany to treat their health conditions. It was considered the standard reference book for years and was brought to the New World by colonists to help with plant identification and use.  The book is 430 pages, illustrated with information about plants ranging from their planetary associations to medicinal use and preparation. And the great news is that you can get this book (used) for less than $1.00 right now on Just click on the link and it will take you to the page.

2. Micro-Terrariums 2"x3.9"x5.2" Dragon Tree Now come on, y'all, how cool is this? At $3.99 each, this is not only affordable but perfect for either an adult or a child. According to the description: "DUNECRAFT-Micro-Terrariums will sprout on almost any window sill as it locks humidity and moisture in. Water once a week instead of once a day! This kit comes with everything including a high quality gernmination mixture. Watch in amazement as your plants sprout and grow. Made in USA." Who knows how long it will take before you get any dragon's blood resin from it, but i think it is cool nonetheless and yes, I am getting one.

3.Vintage Style Brass Feng Shui Oil Lamp Here's a unique dragon design vintage style brass feng shui magic lamp you can fill with olive oil and herbs and conjure what-nots for any number of works. Size: Approximately L7.5" x H3.5" x D2". Best of all it's only $7.40.

4.  Authentic Red Brick Dust by Root Mama Conjure. Red brick dust can be sprinkled in a line across the doorways of your home and across windowsills to protect your home and place of business from unwanted negative energies. What I like about this is that it can be sprinkled easily from the container. Price? $9.95 - a great price on its own, but right now you can get it for 50% off using the coupon code: MAYAN.

5. Tribal Magik by Dragon Ritual Drummers. One of my favorite groups for conjuring by, their rhythmic drumming style will easily put you in a trance-like state and empower your work. You can get each track as a download, but for the mere price of $8.99 you get 11 tracks of conjure rhythms I guarantee you will enjoy.

 6. The Mojo Man's Good Luck Blessings Charm Vial. Ahh, the Georgia Mojo Man as seen in Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly! I fell in love with his mojos a couple of years ago...they are at once, curious curios, unique talismans and most of all powerful mojo! Hang one of these in your window, from your car's visor for protection or anywhere in your home for good luck and blessings. These charm vials are approximately 3" tall and  made from a recycled glass vial containing lucky legumes and other alleged lucky ingredients, and is sealed with acrylic-coated spanish moss. It also features a cowrie shell to ward against the Evil Eye of envy, a lucky penny, and a lock of synthetic hair which acts as the Good Luck Blessing Charm Vial's connection to the Spirit world. The Mojoman's Good Luck Blessing Charm Vial is an amulet to attract good blessings, and a talisman to ward off negative spiritual influences. Each Good Luck Blessing Charm Vial is handcrafted, and will have various ingredients and personalites.Price: $9.00. Yep, I've got one...well a few actually...

7. Large Rainbow Abalone Seashell Wow! Now this is an absolutely stunning piece! If you want to do any kind of smudging with sage or cedar, you have to have an abalone shell. The interior of each shell has been polished to reveal the beautiful, natural rainbow hues, and to add an unparalleled iridescent shine in the light. Each shell measures an impressive 5+ inches. Cost? $6.00. 

Well, there you have it. A list of 7 things you can get for less than $10.00 that your conjure friends and families will appreciate. not only does the thought count, but these are things folks will use for a long time to come. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If you Ask Me This, You're Gonna Get a Big, Fat NO!

It's not often that I post twice in a given day, but today I'm on a roll. A while back I wrote a post about how NOT to ask Voodoo Mama a question. I gave some good examples and discussed why those kinds of questions are not the kind I will take the time to answer. So far this year, I haven't gotten any new "Are you Kidding?" kinds of questions...until recently, that is.

Here is a question I got recently in my inbox:
"Good afternoon I need ur help please I wanna cast a spelling for abortion for my girlfriend please help us I don't know how to contact you"

Now, here's the thing...I am very aware of the fact that there are people who investigate psychics and other metaphysical websites and people who offer spellcasting services. One way this is done is by emailing the person they wish to investigate with some sort of "Are you kidding?" kind of question to see how you will respond. I admit, that is quite clever. I have apparently passed these kinds of bogus inquiries before with flying colors. But you never know if the question posed is legit (in terms of it being submitted by a real person who is just asking for something outlandish) or a set up by some well-meaning scam buster. The above question is so outlandish that it makes me go "hmmm."

One thing that screams red flag to me is the last part of the inquiry "...I don't know how to contact you"...really? Didn't you just email me?

Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of just plain stupid requests I receive from unenlightened individuals. There was the bizarre "can you turn me into my wife's panties?" The unrealistic "I want to win the lottery", the ridiculous "I want every woman I come in contact with to want to have sex with me" and the ever elusive goal "I want my ex back".

Then there are the questions that differ from the others, such as the one about making a woman suffer an abortion because someone doesn't want to be a baby daddy. This request is so loaded with ethical and moral implications that I felt the need to share it with my readers.

What about you? Have you gotten any outlandish types of requests such as the ones I have mentioned? Because I know it can't just be me.

I'm Quite Young and If My Parents Found Out...

Dear Voodoo Mama,
I need your help to know how to make a vodo doll and use spells on it I'm quite young and if my parents found out I would get in trouble I'm 12 and I've been wanting to do this for a while I would like and email back if possible
Sent from my iPod=

I have a couple of issues with this request. First, I don't believe for a second this is from a 12 year old. What 12 year old do you know describes themselves as "quite young"?

Let this be a warning to those who work in the spiritual professions, especially of a metaphysical nature and ESPECIALLY Voodoo/Vodou/Hoodoo/Witchcraft/Conjure. There are people who pose as underage people and try to solicit responses form folks like this. Some people do it because they are legitimately concerned for young people who may be asking for help from anyone on the internet and certainly there are many so-called Voodoo workers who stop at nothing to take advantage of people for a buck. If you are in this field legitimately, be sure to carefully read your emails and always be sure to adhere to your ethics. If you don't have any ethical boundaries regarding yourg folks, it's time to create them.

I have worked with young people but always with the permission of the child's parents. I have had parents approach me and ask me for consultations. I recently had a young person want to learn some things who approached me on Facebook. It wasn't until I spoke to the person's mother and got her permission that I answered some questions posed. I gave mom my phone number so she could call me any time with questions. I have received phone calls and everything has been fine.

In fact, no young person I have worked with has ever presented any problems at all. The only issues I have ever had was with some meddlin' people (adults with an agenda) on Facebook who can't seem to keep their noses out of my business and thrive in making a public spectacle out of their delusional ideas about me and others they don't like. One of these people has no boundaries whatsoever and doesn't think twice about dragging children through the mud in order to satisfy her penchant for revenge.

So the first issue is one of believability. Is it really a 12 year old? Second, how to respond. IF you think it is really a youngster looking for guidance, be sure to tell them you need parental consent. Most of the time you won't get a response back. If you do, be prepared to be sure the "parent" is actually the parent and not another friend posing as the parent.

Since I do not believe this person is a real young person with a concern, I won't be answering the email. I get about 100 emails every day and I simply don't have time to answer them all and I certainly don't have time to respond to a probable spy like this one. NEXT...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Voodoo Mama Ain't No Hit Man

Even my Hoodoo Doll is Rolling His Eyes

So, here is a good Ask Voodoo Mama situation. Or, more like Tell Voodoo Mama what to do and I'll give you a gift. No, really, I am dead serious.

I recently received a letter from someone overseas and...well, let me just type an excerpt so you can fully appreciate it:

Note that the letter starts off without any kind of salutation whatsoever. "I will give you a special gift if you succeed in doing what I ask. And you will get more customers (umm, I am doing fine with customers and though I always welcome new customers, some may argue I have more than I can handle...not complaining though). If you help me, I will help you (do I look like I need help or something?). If you can't do it ask someone who can but must be trusted. Only 3 of us know (not anymore!). This man I investigate is also a good friend of mine for more than 5 years. But he has been with a married lady...(you can fill in the blanks here as to where this is going)...if you want more customers then do it for me but successful (they still haven't said what they want me to do). Don't worry I won't tell customers what you did for me but say something else. After your prayers and also spells on him, burn this first letter, envelope and photo (yeah, they sent a photo of the poor man). I put a curse on this 3 plus (illegible) spells will make yourself stronger (okay, did they just say that I am reading a letter that has been cursed?) if succeed I will give you a special gift (hmm, the elusive special gift. Now here comes the good part). Destroy his life. Paralyze him forever in a serious accident or die in the accident. You can keep the second letter (which I have yet to receive) no photo (illegible) first letter but burn it. Any connection between the woman and me I wont tell you now (oh good, because I really want to know - NOT). This is revenge. He must be punished. This victim is staying in (location I will not disclose...but this next "directive" is good)...Accident is between 7 am to 8 am on 29th June 2012 - "expiry date" written in parentheses. If you cannot do it before expiry date there will be no gift from me (awww, that's not fair cause I really like doing murder for hire). You can do it on your voodoo doll (which one? I ask) 1st choice is: serious accident then in coma for 14 years minimum. 2nd choice: paralyzed from waist to the leg. 3rd choice: dead. Your voodoo doll can do it if you want people to order from you (It can? You mean more people will come to me with death requests?) Proof it to me that your voodoo doll is powerful and can work in order people will order your doll and other things. Hear from me in the next letter if you succeed. Earlier you do, earlier you get. Don't waste time and don't disappoint me. I want revenge. Please do it now..."

And it goes on rambling and demanding a little bit more.

In case I need to clarify for folks who may have the wrong impression of me, I don't do death work. I don't throw down to make anyone paralyzed or get into an accident. And I don't do anything for anyone no matter what it is if you try to tell me what to do and don't even ask nicely. Oh, and I definitely don't work for free (except on occasion but certainly not in this case).

My recommendation? This person, who never even gave me their name, should buy a bottle of D.U.M.E. Conjure oil, anoint a black candle and do their own dirty work. Cause this Voodoo Mama ain't no hit man.

Crossroads University,