Monday, July 7, 2008

What does a Cursed Voodoo Doll Look Like?

You have found an unusual looking doll on your doorstep or in your parking garage at work. You get a creepy feeling just looking at it. Come to think of it, you have had a streak of bad luck lately. Was this doll put there for you to find? Is someone sending you a message on the downlow?

A person who wants to lay a trick on you can use any type of doll they wish. It does not have to be the stereotypical ugly Voodoo doll with some of your personal effects attached to it. Sometimes, it can be as innocent looking as a sweet baby doll that is the object of any little girl's affection.

For example, above is a picture of a Voodoo doll believed to be put in the path of someone at their place of employment. It was strategically placed in the parking lot facing the individual's car. This looks like one of those Brat dolls you can find in any department store. But how would you know it is carrying a curse?

Well, the first clue is rather obvious - her face is painted black. This is a good indication that it is a tool in someone's ritual work. I mean, they don't come with their faces painted black, do they?

Secondly, she has no feet. This is another indication that this doll may have been intentionally tampered with in an attempt to lay a curse on someone. Painting the face black and removing the feet are both consistent with the general principle of using shocking imagery to psych out an intended target. Also, what is done to the doll can be viewed as a metaphor for what is intended for the victim. For example, removing the feet is consistent with restraining and rendering a person immobile.

The doll on the left is another example of a doll that is believed to have been used as a cursed Voodoo doll. In this case, the doll bride was used to represent the daughter-in-law of the the son of the person casting the spell. At first glance, she seems like a beautiful baby doll. But upon closer examination while removing the veil, it became evident that her hair had been clipped off.

Why the hair was clipped off can only be surmised. A healthy head of hair is symbolic of health and youth. Perhaps the perpetrator was jealous of the targeted individual. Maybe she wanted to make her ugly, unhealthy, or remove her femininity. Or maybe she just wanted her hair to fall out. Either one of these are good guesses.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the focus of a hex or curse is when it comes to Voodoo dolls. This type of magic is extremely metaphorical. Let's take the second doll here as an example. Historically, hair is linked to power, punishment and status. Head shaving was done in concentration camps as a form of punishment and humiliation, and shaving the hair off of a woman has been practiced as a form of punishment for women with long hair, especially. Remember the story of Samson and Delilah? Samson foolishly tells Delilah that the source of his strength is his hair. So what does she do? She tells her servants to shave his hair off. Not only does this make him lose his strength and power, it is a direct violation of an order from God. So God no longer protects him, he is captured buy the Philistines, blinded with hot pokers, and imprisoned. Now that is brutal! But the argument could be made that he deserved it. After all, he was apparently a raging murderous maniac who was no less brutal to dozens of people.

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Pallavi Oraon said...

i also found a doll on my new mansion's basement. But it doesn't look what you explained but the disturbing part was........ her breast and shin wasn't there....... does that mean it's cursed?

Pallavi Oraon said...

I found a adorable looking doll in my new mansion's basement and i'm confused if it's cursed or not... the disturbing part was... her breasts were removed. is this something to worry about?

Crystal said...

I found a doll at work it was in a small red back with a white cross stitched in it and inside the bag was something that was smashed up with saran wrap and it had a white and red thread around it and it was in the shape of a doll what does this mean?Is this a Voodoo doll and if so is it good or bad?

anya naidoo said...

I found a voodoo doll in my roof. The doll looks like me. Had pins going through the head. Pins poked on either side of the tummy. Tummy looks like pregnant. I have no kids but i have the same looking tummy for years now. Im 37 and not married. Can anyone tell me what this doll means

Unknown said...

Hi found a two headed voodoo doll black faces with a turban wrap on the head washed up on the beach is this good luck or bad luck

Ana said...

I found a blond beautiful doll with 2 knives in her hands (recently i found out that my husband is cheating on my with blond woman) and a black batman doll (my husband is black) I am sure that she did something because he changed completely to me. What can I do?

Steven Mcgary said...

Lol my daughter used to color bratz dolls faces black and she thought they were beautiful you guys are very creative in your way of thinking its almost funny... Bratz with no feet are sold at any thrift shop stop trying to scare people.