Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can You Like, Kill a Person with a Voodoo Doll?

Murder, torture, abuse, maim, dismember...these are some of the words commonly associated with Voodoo dolls in the popular culture. People turn to the extreme to get even, gain control over, torture, and even kill their enemies. But before I answer this burning question, let's look at the process of torturing an enemy with a Voodoo doll.

So, what is torture by Voodoo doll?

1. the inflicting of severe pain by sticking pins in the groin area to force information or confession, get revenge, etc.

2. any method by which such pain is inflicted, such as binding, burying alive, or cutting and dismembering

3. any severe physical or mental pain, agony, and anguish caused by crushing the head of a Voodoo doll that resembles or represents an intended victim

4. a cause of such pain or agony, such as fire (burning a voodoo doll), knives (stabbing a voodoo doll), scissors (cutting a voodoo doll), or brute force (beating a voodoo doll)

5. physical abuse of such severity that it results in the ultimate Voodoo death.

Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me the questions that I receive about Voodoo dolls. Believe it or not, people want to know, "can you like, kill a person with a voodoo doll?"

I have this video on YouTube called How to Make a Voodoo Doll, and this question has appeared there on a number of occasions. Here are some of the responses to that question:

"I think you only go to hell when you abuse the doll & kill people"

"omfg dudes think about wat ur saying killing someone with a doll i mean come on how can u do that with just an doll?"

"how do you make it work...i want to to make it but not kill people!!! i just wanna teach them a lesson e.g. when you poke the pin in their heart you draw (i think) their love but it can cause a heart attack...I'M NOT A MURDERER PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

"i want to make a voodoo doll but i dont wahant to kill somewan onistly is this tru duse it work and if it dose do you know how to use it safly"

"does this work?? and how do u make a person love u without physically harming them?? I heard that a blue pin in the heart makes them love you, but it can bring a heart attack. I dont want to kill him. I just want him to love me like before....Please reply!!"

First, can I just ask, are people really this flippin' illiterate? I mean, omfg lol wtf?

Now that I have that off my chest, I can answer the question.

Then again, do I really have time for this?

Well let's see, in the Pirates of the Carribean game, voodoo dolls can kill. You can obtain a pirate voodoo doll by "completing a quest to release a spirit from a shard of a relic of Tia Dalma's. This quest will involve you to kill any enemy at every island and main port save those of the Privateering islands" (

And, in a game called Blood, you can create a Voodoo doll weapon that allows you to send your victims screaming in pain to their ultimate demise.

In fact, I am certain that there are countless games now that allow you to create and kill with Voodoo dolls.

But I don't think that is what the question is about. There are people who seriously want to know if you can kill someone with a Voodoo, for real.

Hmm, there is the Santa Clara County murder case involving Damon Wells aka Son of the Devil.

Apparently, Damon experimented with voodoo and devil worship, and would frequently talk about demons and black magic at home and at high school. He claimed to hear the devil's voice and claimed he could read other peoples thoughts. He made several voodoo dolls which he would use to hurt people, one of which depicted a bully from school. His school mates tended to avoid him, except this bully, an older boy in the 12th grade, who would delight in teasing him.

According to investigative records, years later Damon sought revenge against this particular tormentor. He took the bully's picture from their high school yearbook, created a special voodoo doll, and repeatedly cast spells and called upon the Devil to destroy him. Coincidentally this bully is reported to have stabbed and killed his pregnant wife, finally turning the knife upon himself. He claimed to have been possessed by the devil.

Is this story true? I haven't a clue. I found it here in case you want to read the whole article.

Then, there is the case of the whole population of Taiwan looking to Voodoo dolls to topple their president Chen Shui-bian in 2006. reportedly, 7000 Shui-bian Voodoo dolls were snatched up in a matter of hours at an anti Shui-bian rally.

I guess Taiwan is not the only country/province/state/region in China (I'm not sure what the politically correct term is at this point so I thought I would cover all of my bases) to resort to Voodoo dolls to topple their presidents. I mean, look at the popular George W Voodoo dolls, Osama Bin Laden Voodoo Dolls, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton...the list is endless. Oh, and let's not forget the Saddam Hussein Voodoo doll; I guess that one worked.

For years people have believed they can hurt or kill others with Voodoo dolls. Just recently, for example, the city commissioner of Deltona, Florida found a voodoo doll complete with pins and her face attached to it, next to her mailbox this weekend. Apparently, someone is not too happy with the state of affairs there. Check out the story below.

So, can you like, kill someone with a Voodoo doll? For this question, I will let you be the judge.



therefore21 said...

all of you people need to seriously seek deliverance...Jesus saves. If your curious, dabbling in this stuff can mess you up for LIFE!!!!!! i knoe from experience with grandmothers who dabbled in witchcraft. If your seeking revenge, turn to Jesus. Every evil deed will be judged, and every wicked person has their place IN HELL!!!!! CHOOSE JESUS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

jami said...

wow, to mr/mrs: therefore21, u should rly go somewhere and cease to exist... i hate douche nozzles like you! seriously, if u were such a "good christian" you wouldnt have been on this page. fucking hypocryt. i am the devil, and i am here to do the devil's work!

psycho_panda00 said...

If this were real, how many presidents would not have died already?

Unknown said...

Hello, I am new to voodoo but am trying to seek revenge on an enemy. I totally dislike her and wan't her to learn a lesson. I have bought a black poppet but the owner says it is to 'heal'. Is there a way I can change this doll to a revenge doll? I wan't this person to hurt. Please let me know as I already wanted to start the voodoo process. Let me know your thoughts.

VINIKET said...

yes i ready to go in hell please told me where i learn or where i got wodoo doll and pins i have to kill some people who is very big truble in my careear as well as they tri to kill me before i die i will send them at thair proper place guide me how it is and who make a doll or proceedure for the Vodoo if yes immideate reply me

joni-jacobs cheek said...


Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

I love you attitide. That Christian shit does not work. Sorry jesus ♥ an asshole should be killed one way or another

Cheryl Rick Klein said...

I can assure you they do work!

Cheryl Rick Klein said...

I totally enjoyed this article . Me and my husband had a good laugh! I post was well written and informative but the responses and hysterical answers by you made us laugh so hard! Is this how the average American is taught to spell and write? If so we need to make some dolls of all their English teachers! LOL!!!!!!!

Marry said...

Can you make a voodo Dall on some one for me

Marry said...

Hello im new in need your help..if you learned how to Do it so far Do you have a # where i could contact you because im new in trying to find out more about it

Marry said...

Can you make a voodo Dall on some one for me