Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can I Change the Past with a Voodoo Doll or Magic?

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Every once in awhile (okay more than once in awhile) I am asked a question about changing something that has happened in the past. Some of those requests I can understand; for example, when someone would like to change the fact that they were abused. This is just evidence that the person is in a lot of emotional distress and in need of support from a professional, not a voodoo doll. As effective a spellcaster as I am, I am not that good. But boy if I were, I would change the world.

However, there are some things people ask for that is just evidence of a person who does not want to take personal responsibility for the choices or actions that have made in the past. Even if I could change those situations I wouldn't because sometimes we need to face the music, as it were, in order to never repeat the mistake again.

So here is a question I was asked recently and my response to the question:


I recently failed college and was suspended as a result. I need my grades changed in my university's system and make everyone forget that I was ever flunked and then make my university think they made a mistake then reinstate me as a student. I need to change it so I made a 3.7 each semester.

Unfortunately, I think your request is unrealistic. Magick isn’t magic like the kind you see in Bewitched or Harry Potter, it is an art that works in tandem with Universal forces to manipulate situations to a desired end. However, that desired end needs to be realistic. What you are wanting is to change the past and something that has already happened and that can’t be done. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you and is just ripping you off, so think long and hard about hopping from spellcaster to spellcaster until you find someone who says what you want to hear.

Surely there is another course of action you can take, albeit a harder one. Sometimes, it is necessary to face things head on and do what you need to do to change it, instead of wishing upon a star.

Now, I know this person is going to go to another spellcaster and ask the same question and that other spellcaster will take a lot of money from this person and do a spell for them. And, it won't work. The person will not only have a lot of anxiety about their situation, they will also be out of a lot of money.

I could have easily preyed upon this person's vulnerability, but that is not how I operate. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same ethics as I do.

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