Friday, June 3, 2011

What does arms and legs tied up on a voodoo doll mean?

Question of the day: What does arms and legs tied up on a voodoo doll mean?

a. The doll is tied up at the moment and can't see you
b. Someone had nothing better to do than to tie up a doll
c. The doll's creator is into S&M

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iceandshadows said...

idiots. if the arms and legs are bound it means that the spell is binding the person, depending on the purpose in mind, their energies- which would make them ill or die, their mind- which impacts their way of thinking and forces them to make descisions, their physical body- which would keep them from doing something or causing violence toward you, and their soul- which would make them severely depressed and scared. it depends on the one you choose. but bound arms n legs.. well duh.. binding spell. doesnt take a moron to figure that out.

Miller's Doing It the Old Fashioned Ways said...

30067 Do you know what the difference is of ignorant and stupid? Ignorant means you can learn. Calling a person an idiot is S _ _ _ _ D